We would love to welcome you to our annual event on the 11th of January 2018. Join us from 20:00 till 00:00 at Pretoriusstraat 71, Amsterdam. Starring: Chan Chiao Chun, Liza Wolters, Foodinvaders and more.
I don't care what anybody says about me as long as it isn't true. – Truman Capote

Visual art by Chan Chiao Chun
Chan Chiao Chun unmasks the visual world, behind the facade of 'Keeping Up Appearances' and beauty. The true nature of things that we consider unpleasant and that we try to cover is hidden.
“To me, humans are limited creatures, more restricted than they are willing to confess. Therefore, in my work and as a designer I want to show anatomic things and push my work to a wilder, crazier, and uglier level to challenge this world.”

At show your face Chan will present his one year project of daily self-portraits and three masks.

Photography by Liza Wolters
As a child, Liza was fascinated by live television.
“A glass breaking unexpectedly, or someone not standing in the planned position. The incidental moment immortalised in the viewers’ eyes, represented in the living room screen. The tension between that which was planned (direction) and that which is (chance) becomes tangible. The world as one big choreography.”

At show your face she will move around to -sort of- catch your faces.

Food by Food Invaders
Pasquale Pontillo is chef-architect at Food Invaders. He loves to build new, amazing edible objects. Combining his own ideas with other people’s creativity his food becomes the perfect partner of art, fashion or advertising.
“My experience as an architect has influenced my general point of view: shapes, colours, materials, textures are things I am constantly focused on. The playful aspect is also crucial to me, because food is mainly a social thing and people are always supposed to react to and interact with our culinary creations.”

For show your face food invaders make a special surprise

Screening 'The Island of Strangers' by Chen Jhen
In her documentary Chen Jhen returns to her homeland in search of a national identity. “Many Taiwanese struggle with their identity: do they feel Japanese, Chinese or Taiwanese? In my film I collect old documents, photographs and stories. One of her photo books shows how school uniforms changed over time from a Japanese military style to traditional Chinese costumes, to a mixture, and finally no uniform at all.”
Bites by De Gouden Radijs
De Gouden Radijs, vegan homestyle dinners and vegan catering. “I want to let people taste what is good for their body, their soul and the world: food that gives energy, rather than takes.” Eat that.

At show your face De Gouden Radijs will present bites to stuff your face.

Present from alt8 and our printer Be Ink | Paper by Antalis | Cocktailbar by Kever Genever | T - Cocktails by Teastreet | Beer by Bierderij­ Waterland | Cocktails mixed by André Cardoso | Host Myrna and Nina styled by Inge de Lange and Joanne Mackenzie | Dutch Design by Dutch Seating Company | A street story by Stuart Acker Holt and Radha Pleijsant | Music by Señor Peludo